Promise Tamang, a Nepal-born international cosmetic superstar

Before her brushes do the wonders – Promise Tamang without make-up.

A Nepal-born makeup artist who has netted around 4 million Youtube followers says she never took any beauty class to learn the art of cosmetic artistry.

But that has not stopped her from becoming a rising star on Youtube as she transforms herself into Hollywood celebrities and cartoon characters the way no others can do.

Promise Tamang says she is completely self-taught. Despite her millions of fans across the world, she claims she is not a ‘professional makeup artist’. Her humble nature is what her fans seem to appreciate the most about the Internet superstar.

So perfect are the touches of her brush that her distinctly Asian features do not come in the way of her transformation into any Caucasian celebrity.

Before and after Promise applies her cosmetic artistry.
Before and after Promise applies her cosmetic artistry.

Her Youtube videos on dope2111 and Promise Phan show her in unbelievable avatars of Angelina Jolie, Michael Jackson, Kate Middleton, Kim Kardashian and even Bruno Mars, yes, she can so convincingly be a man too!

Once her creative hands are set on a project, she can basically be anyone she chooses to be, including Mona Lisa herself!

Her video on Angelina Jolie transformation in 2011 was her first big success on Youtube. ‘Seeing a normal Asian girl change her face to look like a popular Caucasian actress — they thought it was some sort of sorcery,’ she told Tech Insider.

Promise Phan

Not much is known about her Nepal origin except that she definitely is Nepal-born. Her social media pages as well as Youtube channels do not tell who she was prior to becoming a global star with millions of fans worldwide. What is known for sure is she is about 26 years of age and lives with her husband in the US. Her eloquent bytes on Youtube videos give an impression that she has lived in the States for sometime.

She has gone a long way since she started her amateur videos in 2010 with her first clip showing her in Avatar make-up. Today, she owns her own Facebook-certified page and has been written about by major media outlets including a mention by Sydney Morning Herald.

Ms Tamang is married to Steve Phan, who features in many of her adorable videos including in the ‘Carl and Ellie’ video as shown in below collage. She was earlier known as Promise Phan or Promise Phan Tamang but she announced last July that she would drop her husband’s second name as it led to ‘confusion’ with another Youtube personality.

However, she reiterated then that she and her husband enjoyed the ‘most wonderful relationship’ and that the decision to drop the married name was not because of ‘any disagreement’ between them and went on to add, “Also I realized its probably going to make my dad really Happy since he couldn’t have a son to carry his name out : )” (sic)

Despite the limelight and attention she enjoys today, Ms Tamang has not forgotten her country of origin. She and her husband announced $10,000 donation in the aftermath of the Nepal earthquake. The Go Fund page they created eventually raised a whopping US$ 111,987 – much higher than their original aim of US$ 50,000.  

All pictures courtesy social media pages of Promise Tamang.

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