US $2000 each, that’s Gurkha Maharaja cigars

Gurkha MaharajaThere are a whole lot of products in Nepal that draw their names from the fearsome Gurkha warriors. Most Nepalese can access them. Gurkha beer for instance, an ordinary brand popular specially among the country folks and which even Joanna Lumley was famously offered when she visited Nepal in 2009.

However, there is one particular ‘Gurkha’ brand no Nepalese may ever lay their hands on because it is saarei mahango!

Gurkha Maharaja cigars retail at US $2000 per piece. Yes, you read it correct. One cigar shall cost you two thousand US dollars, approximately two hundred thousand Nepalese rupees. Two lakh a piece!

Of course, Nepal’s only Forbes billionaire Binod Chaudhary could perhaps give it a go! Or education entrepreneur Shesh Ghale and Russian Nepalese magnate Upendra Mahato for that matter!

That is not all. Because they come in a wooden humidor containing ten cigars, you cannot buy them single. This painfully implies anyone dying to have a puff of the Gurkha Maharaja got to part away with an astronomical US $20,000. Now, that sort of money could set an entire family up in the Himalayan nation.

Gurkha Maharaja is a special edition by Gurkha Cigars, the world’s most expensive cigar producer. It is categorised as ‘super-premium luxury cigar’.

“The limited edition ‘Maharaja’ has set a new precedent for premium tobacco,” Kaizad Hansotia, founder and CEO of Gurkha Cigars, had said last year. “We’re excited to be able to pair these rare leaves in such a magnificent and flavorful way. It’s been a while since our first release of the ‘His Majesty’s Reserve’ in 1996 and we know this new luxury cigar will set a new standard for an exclusively luxurious smoke to become the ‘king’ of all cigars.”

Bill Clinton is a known client of Gurkha cigars. Source:

Given the ultra high-end nature of the brand, only 100 boxes (humidors containing ten cigars each) of the Gurkha Maharaja have been released by the cigar giant.

The company produces eight million cigars a year that are sold in 50 countries worldwide, said.

The company was named after the legendary Gurkha fighters from the Himalayan foothills of Nepal. Just as Gurkhas are top fighters of the world, Gurkha Maharaja cigars are the top among the top (expensive) cigars the world has ever seen.

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