Police report several attacks on Indian men in North Brunswick, New Jersey

Indian attacked in the US
Rohit Patel Photo courtesy: CBS

Police in New Jersey have said there have been multiple attacks on men of Indian descent in the town of North Brunswick. The allegedly targeted violence was brought to light when media reports last week showed a seriously injured Indian man, bleeding and bruised.

Rohit Patel was found on the road by a passing driver who alerted the police leading to a prompt arrest of the alleged attacker.

The 57 year old Mr Patel was attacked on his head which left him with broken teeth and several stitches. The victim’s young son was furious that the perpetrator was released on bail while his father complained he couldn’t even talk without pain.

“My dad is a very fragile, innocent man who was just on his daily walk,” Dipen Patel was quoted as saying, “What went through your mind to see him and actually want to cause him pain?”

According to CBS, police claimed Mr Patel was targeted because he was an Indian. Police alerted local residents in North Brunswick about “several random and sporadic assaults” all of which were on people of ‘Asian Indian descent’.

Indian attacked in the USThe 24-year-old alleged attacker, Nyle Kilgore, from North Brunswick was out on bail on the same night of his arrest. What is more, police believe he may be responsible for the several attacks reported earlier.

“I don’t know. I don’t understand how you can have someone who is continuously committing hate crimes, violent hate crimes, and he’s able to get out the same night,” Dipen told CBS.

It is reported that with the alleged serial attacker out on bail, members of the Indian diaspora in the area are ‘afraid to leave home’.

Mr Patel and his wife moved to New Jersey from the United Kingdom in May but now they are already considering to moving back, CBS said.

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