Indian man saved Kim Kardashian from getting into possible trouble on a plane

There is no knowing who it was but it seems an well-meaning Indian gentleman saved a lot of trouble for Kim Kardashian, the human talking point of the 21st century.

She has revealed that an Indian man stopped her from getting into a possible verbal war with a fellow-passenger during a flight more than a year ago by asking her not to confront a woman who was hurling racial ‘slur’ at her.

The 34-year-old reality star was apparently abused on a plane while travelling with her daughter North when a woman said “awful” things to her.

“I did have an awful experience on a plane once, she was slurring racial things at me. North was less than one so she didn’t know,” a spate of media reports quoted her today as saying.

“I was about to go over and say something then an Indian man stopped me and said it just isn’t worth it,” she said.

“So I have experienced it but Kanye and I together are so open, he is so vocal about race, so I think we’ll be really helpful for our children. We will talk to our children the way our dad spoke to us,” Ms Kardashian said while speaking to the San Francisco Commonwealth Club.


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