Bodies of 4 Nepalese migrant workers arrive at Kathmandu airport every single day

Nepalese migrant worker
File Photo / Source: Pulitzer Centre

29 June 2015 2:08 PM AEST: At least four bodies of Nepalese migrant workers arrive at the Tribhuvan International Airport every day, an alarming death rate of a desperate people whose only fault is to seek employment in countries with highly immoral and questionable working conditions.

As many as 122 bodies arrived at the Kathmandu airport between mid-May to mid-June alone, during the Nepalese calendar month of Jestha, a local media reported yesterday.

First Vice President of the Nepal Association of Foreign Employment Agencies (NAFEA), Gyan Prasad Gaire, told Karobar Daily that the particularly high number of fatalities may have been caused by the extreme heat conditions in the Gulf countries as well as in Malaysia. “Most of the Nepalese workers work outdoors in the construction sector. Many have died while working due to extreme heat this year,” he was quoted.

Mr Gaire added that many were also killed in road accidents as the migrant workers get caught up in different lane disciplines in the destination countries.

The report also indicated that the figure includes only those who have left the country through legal means. The actual number could be even higher.

The highest number of casualty has been in Malaysia followed by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Kuwait, Oman and Bahrain respectively.

Many of the victims died while asleep in their air-conditioned camps following a hard day at work in a temperature which could rise up to 50 degree Celsius. Suicide and heart-attacks are also other commonly reported causes of death of the Nepalese migrant workers.

According to government figures, so far 882 Nepalese workers have lost their lives during the current financial year.

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  1. i hate nepal government( which means system and people who misuse powers) since the king died nothing good has been done to the country n its people the rulers has made it even worse. proper jobs are not possible in country so prople go abroad. but the nepal embassy is even worse dispite of fast and efficient service they has opened a business to earn money from people who are struggling in abroad. not only in gulf countries embassy are deaf and dumb even in developed countries embassy service is worse. most of the people representing nepal in foreign countries cant even communicate in english what a pitty this trend if not changed eill never be changed. i wish my contry and ruler were someoneor something inspiring.

  2. Figuring out what is the reason of why that month every Nepalese body always arrived in KTM every single day from report every month of MAY AND JUNE I know that day have reason so that all nepali take one by one any place or any country I hope you figuring out that problem where is the king where responsible to help us…. Not only seating in one place to take tax for all Nepalese in abroad

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