Victorian Government to consult community members to choose location of Indian Cultural Precinct

Source: Facebook Page of Wyndham Holi

26 June 2015 4:05 PM AEST: The Victorian Government says it would hold three separate public meetings with members of the Indian diaspora to decide the location of the much-anticipated Indian Cultural Precinct.

Half a million dollar fund has been earmarked for the project which is expected to become a ‘tourism drawcard’ when completed. The facility will be a cultural and business hub not only for the state’s Indian community but also for the community at large.

“We look forward to hearing from community members regarding their suggestions for the location of the cultural precinct,” Victorian Minister for Multicultural Affairs, Robin Scott, said in a press release.

He further added that the precinct will recognise the important contribution the Indian community has made to the state. It will be a place to hold festivals, a hub to support business and ‘a meeting place for the entire community’.

Source: Facebook Page of Wyndham Diwali
Source: Facebook Page of Wyndham Diwali

However, a vibrant Indian community in Melbourne’s west is so excited by the future precinct that its leaders have already taken to the Internet to garner support in favour of the City of Wyndham. A petition to Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has already drawn 542 supporters.

The petitioner argues that either Point Cook or East Werribee in Wyndham City Council should be the seat of the proposed Indian Cultural Precinct because the area already holds various Indian cultural and sports events. According to petitioner Sudhir Juneja, the Council holds Wyndham Diwali and Holi Fest as well as three cricket tournaments indicating a strong concentration of people of Indian origin. In fact, statistics show Wyndham is home to 10,000 plus residents of Indian heritage.

The first public meeting will be held in Dandenong on Thursday 23 July from 6pm – 7.30pm in the Committee Room of the Drum Theatre, Corner of Lonsdale and Walker Streets, Dandenong.

The second public meeting will be held in Werribee on Monday 3 August from 6pm – 7.30pm in the Wyndham Community and Education Centre, 3 Princess Highway, Werribee.

The third public meeting will be held in Melbourne City on Tuesday 4 August from 6pm – 7.30pm at the Department of Premier and Cabinet, 1 Macarthur Street, East Melbourne.

Follow below link for further details about the upcoming consultation sessions:

2 thoughts on “Victorian Government to consult community members to choose location of Indian Cultural Precinct

  1. I have been in Melbourne since 1977 and have seen so many developments. I have served the community over three decades and have been President of four community organisation’s.
    I have been recognized by various government Departments n organisation’s.
    I have assisted the community with various social, overseas students immigration issues, domestic violence and cultural issues.
    There was a time when I was the Director if Community services with FIAV we had lots of discussions n fees ability studies to have the precinct near the Victoria market.
    The biggest hurdle is the usage of this precinct.
    If we want the most number of the Indian community to benefit then
    ” This Precinct has to be central, which means it should be in the CBD area.
    People can come from every where either using their cars or public transport. If its in east people from west will miss out and if its in west then vice versa.
    I have organised various are and numerous cultural programs and festivals and I reached to this conclusion that the programs are more successful if they are in the CBD area. Simply people can attend because it’s accessible.
    Thank you for giving this opportunity to express my opinion.
    Sushil sharma

  2. Thanks Sushil. It makes sense to create any cultural centre for any race of people , located in a central position, I for one, do not wish to see Werribee/Wyndham become anything but Australian, but no-one has asked the residents of Wyndham what they want!..

    I cannot help but think that this idea although done in good faith can lead to anything but problems.

    China town has grown to a great tourist attraction i9n Central Melbourne, this could be copied with equal success, BUT, not in the outer suburbs.

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