The ultimate violence: former Law Minister forced his wife to sleep with servant

Brijesh Kumar Gupta
Sangeeta Gupta at Reporter’s Club in Kathmandu on Thursday

By Krandan Chapagain, Kathmandu

22 June 2015 7:16 PM AEST: The wife of Nepal’s former Law Minister has made extraordinary accusations against her husband saying he forced her to engage in sexual act with their male servant.

Cruel and animalistic violence was meted out on her regularly, Sangeeta Gupta told local journalists last Thursday.

The seemingly distraught Sangeeta Gupta who originally hails from Mumbai in India said Constituent Assembly member Brijesh Kumar Gupta said to her repeatedly that no one in Nepal could do anything to him.

He was probably right. Nepal’s National Women Commission failed to bring the MP to the negotiating table with his wife despite two notices sent to him while the police refused to lodge a complaint against the powerful politician, she said while addressing a group of media persons at Reporter’s Club in Kathmandu.

Mrs Gupta revealed that only few months after their wedding, her husband began demanding a Scorpion CRD car. She added that her parents could not afford the expensive vehicle as they had just spent a huge sum on her wedding ceremony. Moreover, the ceremony had been a ‘high class’ one at the very behest of Mr Gupta because he had said that he was a sitting member of the Constituent Assembly of Nepal and hence, everything had to be top class.

Mrs Gupta appears to have suffered the typical abuse many victims of dowry system face.

Brijesh Kumar Gupta
Mrs Gupta with her brother and son.

She said the Constituent Assembly member intentionally caused ‘miscarriages’ when she was twice pregnant but the third time she somehow remained successful to keep the baby alive although he tried his best to kill the unborn baby when she was three and half months pregnant. ‘He pulled me to the ground and beat me up so that I lose the baby,’ she told the media.

Later on, he would threaten to kill her, her (his) son and her brother in India and bury them if she did not divorce him. He drove her out of his home when she refused to sign divorce papers. It is understood she has spent considerable years at her parents’ place in Mumbai since she got married seven years ago. She told the media that he would never go to bring her back even when she was at her parents’ place after the baby. She broke down when she told the media that when her father came to Nepal to drop her, he mistreated him.

The physical violence against the victim was so monstrous that her fingers were crushed which she showed to the media at the Club, just because the former Law Minister’s demand for a four wheel drive was not fulfilled by her parents.

She found no sympathy even in the female members of the house it seems. When her son was around two years of age, she saw her mother-in-law spraying disinfectant on the toddler. “I could never know their intentions,’ the completely broken-down mum said during the press conference. She and her son were never provided medical facilities or cash to buy things for the boy.

Bizarre still, Mr Gupta apparently told the poor woman on the wedding day itself that he did not want to marry but was doing so anyway because of the ‘society and mother’. She said she carried on hoping someday things would fall in place.

Now, the wife of the politician does not want divorce. She is in Kathmandu to seek legal redress to secure financial and social security. She wants a life with dignity right here in Nepal because her son is a born-Nepali and this is where he belongs. She has pleaded for ‘justice’.

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