Shesh Ghale reiterates the 1000-home promise to Nepal

Shesh Ghale
Shesh Ghale with Nepal’s president Ram Baran Yadav

22 June 2015 12:43 PM AEST: Shesh Ghale, Australia’s 99th richest bloke and the president of the Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA), has reiterated his global organisation’s commitment to build at least 1000 homes for the earthquake victims of Nepal.

The Himalayan nation was devastated by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake on April 25. According to Nepal Police statistics, 8659 people lost their lives as a result of the earthquake as of June 18. The country was also hit by a powerful 7.3 magnitude aftershock on May 12 causing further loss of life and destruction.

Mr Ghale met with Nepal’s president Ram Baran Yadav on June 20 and apprised him of NRNA’s activities both in the immediate aftermath of the disaster as well as in the current context of rehabilitation and reconstruction, a press release issued by the NRNA secretariat said.

On his part, the Nepalese President expressed how touched he was to witness the selfless and whole-hearted contribution of the Nepalese diaspora to help out their quake-rattled brothers and sisters. He added that the diaspora’s sense of duty to the motherland was an encouragement for the entire Nepalese people to face these difficult times.

The educational entrepreneur who has been rising steadily through the BRW Rich 200 List over the last few years informed Mr Yadav that NRNA was preparing to build the 1000 homes at an estimated cost of NRs 350 million.

The first president of the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal also expressed his appreciation of Mr Ghale’s work as the special envoy of Nepal despite the tycoon’s obviously busy schedule. The Nepalese government recently appointed him to the honorary position to garner international support for the reconstruction of the country.

On the occasion, President Yadav accepted NRNA’s invitation to inaugurate the 7th Non-Resident Nepali Global Conference to be held in Kathmandu in the second week of October.

Mr Ghale was born into a humble family in the village of Nayu in Lamjung district, an idyllic place his 86 year old mother still calls home. Biographic media articles about the multi-millionaire indicate he shone with academic excellence during his student life ultimately securing government scholarship to study civil engineering in Russia.

Shesh Ghale and his wife Jamuna Gurung Ghale (co-founder and co-owner of MIT) emigrated to Australia in the early 1990s to study business studies. Together, they established the Melbourne Institute of Technology ( which in time evolved into a formidable academic institution.

The success stories of Mr and Mrs Ghale now include the approval for a $450 million twin tower project overlooking the iconic Flagstaff Gardens and Queen Victoria Building in Melbourne. Although MIT Group already owns an impressive number of properties including the historic Argus Building, the proposed twin tower is its first development project. Once completed, it would have 470 apartments and a 210-room hotel, Sydney Morning Herald reported last week.

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