17 human traffickers sold over 500 Nepalese boys & girls in India since earthquake

trafficking of children
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19 June 2015 10:15 PM AEST: Indian authorities have said at least 500 Nepalese boys and girls have been sold in India over the last one and half months.

Citing an intelligence officer, Mail Today reported that 17 human traffickers are now active along the Indo-Nepal border in Bahraich area of Uttar Pradesh.

“Maximum trafficking has been done from Bahraich where there is 110 km of open border between Uttar Pradesh and Nepal. These human traffickers were almost dormant for the last three years because of the vigilant central and state intelligence agencies. But the traffickers returned to business after April 25 earthquake in Nepal,” the intelligence officer told MAIL TODAY.

The story is the same although the context is slightly different due to the recent earthquake – children taken away from parents after they are lured with incentives that simply don’t exist.

The intelligence officer further said that these 17 known traffickers convince the Nepalese parents that they would provide jobs to their children. What is more, they tell the victims that the Indian government has special schemes for the earthquake-affected Nepalese children.

But once they are in India, they are either sold to ‘factory and dhaba owners, or push them into the flesh trade’.

If MAIL TODAY’s report is to be believed then it is pretty evident that the local police department in Bahraich knows every detail of the 17 traffickers. The department knows what areas they are from, so much so that the police even seem to know that two of these traffickers have recently moved to Rupadiah in Nepal.

But it is beyond anyone’s guess what is keeping the authorities from putting these criminals behinds bars. Indian media seem to pose the same question. What is keeping the authorities from nabbing these known traffickers?

Indian police officers quoted in the report, however, claim they are bracing up against the ‘menace’ even installing CCTVs along the border.

At least 40 Nepalese children have been rescued in two months, it is reported.

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