The Queen, Prince Harry to mingle with British Gurkhas to mark their 200 years of service

British Gurkhas
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9 June 2015 11:55 PM AEST: Queen Elizabeth, the Duke of Edinburgh and the Prince of Wales are soon due to mingle with serving and veteran Gurkhas during a pageant organised to mark their 200 years of unbroken service to the British Crown.

British Gurkhas
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Prince Harry, the Sultan of Brunei  and other members of the royal family are also due to participate in today’s (London Time) Gurkha Pageant being organised by The Gurkha Welfare Trust.

Many British royalties have known the fighting race for 200 years but no one would know these brave hearts better than Prince Harry who served alongside them in Afghanistan and is on record to have said there was ‘no safer place’ than by the side of a Gurkha.

According to The Telegraph, the young prince will actually be reintroduced to the same Gurkha soldiers he served with during his 2007 to 2008 tour of Afghanistan. Apparently his comrades from the Nepalese foothills even made him an ‘honourary Gurkha’ during his Helmand province stint.

It is understood the bicentenary pageant will have re-enactments of many events in the history of the British Gurkhas celebrating their courage and traditions. There will also be cultural programmes during the pageant which will be held in the grounds of the Royal Hospital Chelsea in London.

“In the two hundred years that the Gurkhas have fought for the British Crown they have earned our nation’s deepest respect and gratitude,” the Prince of Wales, on his part, said in a message posted on the website of The Gurkha Welfare Trust.

In the royal message which ends with a ‘Jai Gurkha’, Prince Charles said the Brigade of Gurkha is not merely a fighting force but ‘in every sense of the word – a family’.

“As with every family, they have lifetime responsibilities to one another and especially in times of great need. This has been painfully illustrated by the appalling earthquakes which have recently struck Nepal, with devastating consequences across the traditional Gurkha heartlands,” he said.

According to BBC, Captain Dillikumar Rai is scheduled to carry the Queen’s Truncheon at the event.

British GurkhasWhat is The Truncheon?
The Truncheon, which is about 6 feet high and made of bronze and silver, is carried on parade by the Truncheon Jemadar, whose post was added to the Establishment for the purpose, escorted by two Sergeants and two Corporals. Like a Sovereign’s Colour it is greeted with a Royal salute when it appears or is marched off parade. Since 1953, when it was presented to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II shortly after her Coronation, it has been known as The Queen’s Truncheon.

The Queen’s Truncheon, in the custody and guardianship of the Trustees of The Royal Gurkha Rifles Regimental Trust, is now in service with The Royal Gurkha Rifles into which the 2nd Goorkhas was absorbed in 1994.

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