Email calling for help from an Australian Navy officer of Nepalese origin goes viral

Courtesy: Australian Navy.

8 June 2015 11:55 PM AEST: When an Australian navy officer of Nepalese origin began gathering her household items to send as aid to Nepal following the April 25 earthquake, she suddenly wondered why not to put out a call to fellow-comrades in the Defence community.

So Lieutenant Kamala Sharma-Wing did and the result was not something she had ever expected, a community news article posted on the website of Australian Navy said.

The article published on June 5 says Lieutenant Sharma-Wing’s email post went ‘viral’ and that she was inundated with emails of support from across Australia.

“The email was forwarded outside Defence, all around Canberra and interstate – I was getting inundated by emails from people wanting to help and support the cause,” the report quoted her as saying, “There is definitely a lot of love for Nepal out there. I’m so proud of everybody who responded.”

It appears she is involved with the Canberra-based Australia Nepal Friendship Society, an organisation that has been active in aid coordination in the wake of the devastating 7.8 magnitude temblor. The Society has been coordinating the dispatch of the donations and funds collected from the Defence community.

The end result was a collection of over $41,000 and more than 4 tonnes of equipment and everyday items. Airlines also showed a humanitarian gesture by making special arrangements for the items to be transported to Nepal while a local warehouse in Canberra provided free space for the donated items.

Another report on indicates how the Navy personnel in general have been involved in supporting the Nepalese earthquake survivors. Officers at HMAS Albatross also gathered tents and sleeping bags to be sent to Nepal, the website said in a report.

According to Navy Daily, Lieutenant Sharma-Wing arrived in Australia as a 13 year old in 1985 and has been back to her country of origin several times over the years.

“My family is very fortunate to be living in Australia. We used to live in Kathmandu, so had we stayed, it would have been us in that situation,” she said in the report which makes it pretty obvious that her love for the country she originated from has not diminished over the passing years and decades.

Anyone wishing to get in touch with Australia Nepal Friendship Society can do so by following the below link:

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