‘Not one’ Nepalese or Indian has died at World Cup construction sites: Qatar

While many of their compatriots succumb to the heat and medieval working conditions, those who continue to live in the emirate, live a living hell, the richness around them notwithstanding.

3 June 2015 8:37 AM AEST: Qatar has made an extraordinary claim in regard to the deaths of Nepalese and Indian migrant workers at the construction sites of the 2022 Soccer World Cup stadiums.

Rubbishing a recent report of The Washington Post , the tiny Gulf nation has claimed not one migrant worker has died in the country, let alone the alleged 1200 deaths as reported by the Post.

It vehemently refuted the May 27 report that claimed ‘4,000 workers are likely to die while working on World Cup sites, and that some 1,200 had already lost their lives’

Qatar News Agency, a state-owned media outlet, made the claim on June 2 through a report titled “Qatar’s Government Communication Office Denies Washington Post Article about Worker Conditions in Qatar”

“This is completely untrue. In fact, after almost five million work-hours on World Cup construction sites, not a single worker’s life has been lost. Not one,” the news agency said citing the Post report.

Qatar reckons Post has misrepresented the numbers, “In preparing its report, it appears that the Post simply took the total annual mortality figures for Indian and Nepalese migrants working in Qatar and multiplied those numbers by the years remaining between now and the 2022 World Cup – a calculation which assumes that the death of every migrant worker in Qatar is work related.”

Numerous reports by the world’s best of media outlets including The Guardian and The Washington Post have proven beyond doubts about the gravity of the situation wherein impoverished migrant workers from South Asia continue to lose battles against heat and the medieval working conditions.

Pointing out what it calls the ‘misinformation in the report’, Qatar has asked The Washington Post to retract its report. It further added that the report has damaged Qatar’s ‘image and reputation’.

The International Trade Union Confederation says at least 1200 migrants have lost their lives at the construction sites of the World Cup stadiums so far while 4000 others will have died by the time 2022 World Cup games are played in Qatar, if things remain as they stand now.

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