Nepalese woman and her two African friends shot at in Delhi

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File photo

3 June 2015 8:37 AM AEST: A Nepalese woman has claimed that unidentified gunmen fired shots at her and her two male friends in Delhi last Sunday.

The 21 year old woman from Nepal told Hindustan Times that the gunmen opened fire at her and her South African friends at Tughlaqabad Extension near Neb Sarai.

““Three-four men came out of the car holding firearms in their hand. One of them hit our car’s windshield with the pistol’s butt and damaged it while others began assaulting my friends,” the victim was quoted as saying.

The anonymous Nepalese woman accused the local police of damaging her ‘image’ in front of her family, “Though I have clarified that the two African nationals were my friends and I had taken a lift in their car, the cops ruined my image in front of my family members by cooking up a story.”

It is understood the incident occurred following a scuffle between the two sides when a Maruti Swift Dzire blocked the way of the three friends’ car in a narrow lane.

The report said the police recovered three bullet shells from the crime scene and a case has been registered at the Neb Sarai police station.

The HT does not specify if anyone was injured during the incident.

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