Amin Sthapit: the Nepalese chef was killed with the knife he had gifted to his lover

Amin Sthapit

2 June 2015 6:02 PM AEST: Amin Sthapit, the Nepalese man who was tragically killed in 2013 by the boyfriend of his secret lover, was killed by the same knife he had gifted to his student-turned-lover a month earlier.

Mr Sthapit and Geecy Rebucas both worked at The Golden Sheaf Hotel in Double Bay where the former was a head chef. The court heard that they had had affairs for four months prior to the death of the Nepalese man.

Mr Sthapit had gifted Ms Rebucas a chef’s knife which apparently remained boxed in her bedroom until the fateful day of 11 November 2013 when the girl’s boyfriend caught them naked in the bed.

When Roy Abanales Tabalbag caught his girlfriend and the 30 year old chef in the bedroom of their Darling Point apartment in Sydney, he ‘lost control’ and grabbed the sharp gift and headed straight to the bathroom where the victim had taken refuge. He somehow broke into the locked bathroom and began stabbing him, continuing the mortal blows into the bedroom even after Mr Sthapit was lying on the floor.

The victim was stabbed multiple times in the back and stomach and died at the scene because of excessive bleeding.

A 2013 The Daily Telegraph report said the crime scene was so grotesque that it took 16 hours for three professional cleaners to get rid of the blood, “It took three professional cleaners 16 hours to mop up the grisly mess.” The cleaner had described her experience in the tiny room as ‘walking into an abattoir’.

Amin Sthapit
Geecy Rebucas and Roy Abanales Tabalbag. Photo: The Daily Telegraph

It is noteworthy that when Mr Sthapit was killed, he was only months away from his wedding. It said when the tragedy struck, his Nepalese fiancée still had photos of her Hen’s Party on her Facebook page.

The Fairfax Media report said 31 year old Roy Abanales Tabalbag, the accused, has ‘pleaded guilty to manslaughter but not guilty to murder’. His lawyer said he was ‘provoked’ and that any one in his position would have done the same.

Mr Tabalbag and Ms Rebucas are both from the Philippines and they had been together for four years before they moved to Australia in 2012, the report said.

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