Killers of a Sydney fraudster murdered him, then paid the victim’s parking fine

Lynn Jones
Lynn Jones

31 May 2015 1:50 PM AEST: Detectives investigating the murder of a 69 year old Sydney ‘safe cracker and fraudster’ believe his killer or killers paid his parking fine so that they could cover up the tracks of their crime.

Police believe Lynn Tasman Jones of Waverley (Sydney) was murdered around the second week of June 2009 and then whoever killed him went on to a post office and paid the 81 dollar parking fine. Detectives from the Eastern Suburbs Local Area Command believe the fine was paid so that the killers could buy more time to dispose of the victim’s body, and probably his car.

“Strike Force Coorung investigators have discovered that Mr Jones’s missing 1991 Toyota Camry station wagon, registration number AQ-72-UY, was issued with a parking ticket in Windmill Street, Millers Point, on Thursday 11 June, 2009, around the time he disappeared,” a press release issued by the NSW Police said today.

DSgt Moon statement mapUpon investigation of a photograph of the booked car taken by the parking ranger, the detectives established that someone attended the Brighton Le Sands Post Office, four days later and paid the parking fine in cash.

“Unfortunately, there is no CCTV footage available from the Post Office to show us who paid that fine,” police said.

The skeletal remains of the deceased were found by bushwalkers on 7 October 2013 near Lady Wakehurst Drive in Lilyvale. Detectives believe he was killed around four and half years earlier and his body was dumped inside the Royal National Park.

The person who paid the 81 dollars at the post office constitute the renewed focus of the authorities with detectives confident he is directly linked to the murder. Mr Jones’s car has not been found and investigators suggest it may have been dumped by the killer or killers at a scrap metal yard.

A still of the Mr Jones car from the speed camera.
A speed camera image of the station wagon owned by Mr Jones. Source: NSW Police.

According to the police, a motive for the murder has not yet been established but it’s been revealed that ‘Mr Jones had received a substantial inheritance before his death and had been quite generous with his money’.

The State Government today has approved a reward of $100,000 for information relating to the murder of Mr Jones.

“Detective Sergeant Michael Todd, of Eastern Suburbs LAC, is certain that although Mr Jones had very few living friends and relatives, there are still people alive who know what happened and who killed him.

“We believe Mr Jones’s missing car and the payment of that parking fine are two major leads in this case,” Det. Sgt Todd said, “We have determined that his bank, pension and mobile phone accounts were no longer active from 11 June, 2009.

“Unfortunately, there is no CCTV footage available from the Post Office to show us who paid that fine.

“Nevertheless, we have been working on this case for almost six years and we’re not about to let go of it now.

“If you have even the slightest bit of information about this crime, please call police via Crime Stoppers and we will act on it,” he added.

“You can remain anonymous if you wish.”

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