Police in Nepal arrest holy men on separate rape charges, one victim six year old

Rape25 May 2015 11:35 PM AEST: Police in Nepal have arrested a priest attached to a local temple at Alau Sirsiya in Birgunj on charge of raping a six year old child on Sunday.

The 45 year old clergy from Ram Janaki Temple has been identified as Manak Bhagat Mali from Badki Fulbariya-6 in Bara district. The six year old minor is reported to be from his own village.

He enticed the child with a mango as she played on Sunday and attacked the victim near the temple, Annapurna Post said. The parents of the victim learned about the incident when their daughter ran to them and said what had happened to her. Mali was cornered and beaten up by the angry villagers, Post said.

He was apparently saved when police arrived at the scene and took control of the accused. He has since admitted to the crime and received medical attention for his injuries.

This is the second rape case reported in Nepal in less than a week involving religious figures.

The accused holy man: Maharaj Mohnaananda Shastri Bhardwaj Subedi (Photo: Rajdhani Dainik)

Last week, police in eastern Nepal district of Jhapa arrested Maharaj Mohnaananda Shastri Bhardwaj Subedi for raping a 14 year old girl. The 60 year old is a religious guru of the Sri Krishna Pranaami order at Kankai.

He has been charged with multiple counts of rape of the 14 year old who used to be a resident of the shelter (monastery) he was in charge of. The victim accused Mohnaananda of abusing her for the last nine months.

“He used to telephone me to come over to him and asked me to massage his body, he used to touch my private parts before raping me. He used to say if you tell anyone I can do anything. So I did not tell anyone,” the victim told police, Rajdhani Dainik reported on May 23.

But she did talk about her painful story once she changed her school and moved out of the shelter to live with her sister at another location. The victim is from Western Nepal but had been living at the shelter of the Hindu religious group because of her poor family background, the report in the vernacular daily said.

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