A 20 year old earthquake victim wanted to escape Kathmandu but got raped by four men instead

Rape Victims courtesyaattp16 May 2015 10:21 PM AEST: A young girl who was trying to escape Kathmandu’s post-earthquake confusion and devastation was brutally gang-raped by four men who got the 20 year old into their truck by offering her a lift.

It is understood she was leaving for her district because her home in the capital city was razed by the April 25 earthquake.

The victim was apparently waiting for a bus on May 4 at Tinkune (a busy junction area) in Kathmandu to go to her village near Chautara, the headquarters of Sindhupalchowk district. When she hailed the men’s TATA Mobile and said to them that she was going to Chautara, they lied to her saying they too were going towards the same direction, police told Annapurna Post.

When they pulled over at a restaurant in Panauti, roughly 30 kilometres from Kathmandu, the girl had her doubts and told them it was not the right way to Chautara. They assured her that they were indeed going there but once they ate something.

After they had momos (dumplings), the men took her to nearby Gorakhnath Community Forest and took turns to rape. They dumped her back at Panauti in a critical condition, the report says.

The next day the victim went to the Area Police Office at Banepa with the help of the local people and filed a case.

When southasia.com.au’s Nepal correspondent Krandan Chapagain contacted Superintendent of Police Raju Babu Shrestha who is in charge of Kavre district, the latter declined to comment saying he had no knowledge of the matter.

The men have since been arrested based on the victim’s statement. The perpetrators have been identified as 28 year old Shyam Lama of Kavre, 20 year old Kiran Pahari of Panauti, Sunil alias Sujan Ghimire of Kavre and 26 year old Rajan Thapa of Panauti.

There have been a number reported rape and attempted rape cases since the devastating magnitude 7.8 earthquake hit Nepal including a case involving a 59 year old man who tried to rape a 60 year old woman as she returned from the forest with green leaves for her cattle.

24 thoughts on “A 20 year old earthquake victim wanted to escape Kathmandu but got raped by four men instead

  1. It is pathetic, to use such crisis period as an opportunity to commit such hideous crime. The citizens must be made aware at large scale to avoid such cases and protect the most vulnerable ones while the state structure has lot to do arranging rescue and rehabilitation programme after quake.

    1. This is discausting behaviour act in these situation of Nepal. Sexual violent is Massive NO! NO! NO! In this world. This just a very low behaviour and disgrace to humanity.
      Whereas now every NEPALESE should come together and help eachother and stay strong and safe within the bad situation.

      I hope and pray that most strict should be acted towards these stupid Guilty men’s. Also our women would have more protection and huge support within these violent in near future !

  2. This is so disgusting and inhuman. Your freaking country just went through and is still going one of the biggest emergencies it’s faced in over 80 years and instead of helping the people of your country, you are using this crisis situation as a time where you can go and rape innocent girls? Seriously? Get a life.

  3. Such a inhumane activity in this period of crisis. How can any normal human being can take advantage of this situation.Those guys should be handed over to publicly to burn alive!!

  4. those should be beheaded and hung their head in spikes marking im rapist on their forehead and left there so everyone can see……. those rotten souls shall never rest in peace rather fall in hell and for rest of eternity suffer!

  5. Didi boini na bhako chor haru ho yesto garne…. Jhan dukha pareko bela help garne kata ho kata… Afnae cheli beti ko rape… Tini haru lae ta nangae banayera pitnu parxa

  6. these guys should be hanged till death but its Nepal’s government who let them to be out ND praise to rape more innocent girls ND destroy their’s future… really harassing government what we Nepali got..

  7. They should get punished like in Muslim country so that demons in ppls costumes will always think 1000 times before doing so……

  8. One should know that Culprits as such have better chance to execute their evil plans during such calamities like earthquake which struct our homeland.
    Every individual and of all our government should be extra conscious and be prepared to bounce back to stop such hideous activities…

  9. Super disturbed to read this post . Seriously how can you even imagine such a beastly act during the disaster like this. These people are even Nepali? Puts us in shame that Nepali can commit such a disgusting crime when the country is crying.

  10. This is just so heart trenching.
    Feeling sorry for that sister.
    But I wish one day, there would be an Islamic law in Nepal as well, where such filthy criminals and rapists would be stoned to death and a horrible punishment shall be declared for them, but Nepalese people don’t have enough guts to see criminals getting tortured, instead they are brave enough to see theirddaughters and sisters being raped.

    1. Really?? You think Nepalese people want their women to be stoned to death for being a rape victim like in your sick Islamic countries??? Talking about guts!!! You sickos!!

  11. Samridha Singh Karki

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    Are these four men still alive ? Do they deserve to live ? Is prison justice ?
    Hope these four men never get peace. And hope they rot in the darkest corner of earth. Amen !

  12. Very sorry to hear that !
    Our Goverment is good for nothing, don’t take action feel ashamed that we belongs to this country. Where nothing is safe. This Guys must get hanged among all people on the street even if there is no law… So no GUYS dare to rape !!!

  13. Purohit Mahend Sharma

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    The communist Mao tried to clean up Nepal but it is sad girls are still raped.Why cant these males get married.They should be hanged and shot by Nepalese government

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