Guy Sebastian criticised for making Bali Nine video over Nepal earthquake victims

by ram khatry

7 May 2015 11:40 AM AEST: Singer songwriter Guy Sebastian has been chastised by his fans for his ‘tribute’ to the executed Bali Nine ring leaders Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan but not applying his creative attention to the thousands of victims of the Nepal earthquake.

Nepal Earthquake
Photo: Facebook page of Guy Sebastian.

Mr Sebastian released the track via his Facebook page on April 30. The post has drawn over 43,000 likes and has been shared 8,600 plus times whereas the video itself has been viewed 763,966 times as of this morning, May 7.

Although majority of the comments are in support of the world renown singer’s video, some of his fans were clearly not happy to see he was more concerned about the executions rather than the catastrophic events that unfolded in Nepal just around the same time.

The pop icon defended his position saying he did know about the Nepal events and the appalling conditions facing the Nepali people, ” I obviously know of their convictions and the damage the drug trade does etc etc etc etc. I also know there are other causes out there like Nepal etc which of course I, like others are devastated over.”

The singer said he was inspired to make the track after witnessing media coverage of the Bali Nine executions and the way they faced death in the final moments of their life.

When he posted the video, he had requested his fans not to focus on the negative side of the subject but it did end up attracting a heavy online onslaught. “I know people are divided about certain specifics of all this, but please don’t comment about that, this is purely to honour 2 people who have tragically had their life cut short,” the 33 year old global hearth-throb had urged. The media today reported he has admitted of making a mistake in calling the video a ‘tribute’.

The most scathing comment, by Krystal Patterson, reads, “How about a tribute for the people in Nepal and the disaster they are dealing with? Oh wait that’s right 2 drug smuggling criminals who broke the law intentionally are more important then the over 4,500 people who have lost their lives due to a disaster …!”

Some other comments with a mention of Nepal:

Nikki Jay: “Try doing something for the poor Nepalese people. You know, people who actually deserve the attention?”

Phill Gordon: “If what happened to these two people has impacted you so much and you have the time and energy to create this beautiful work for them – I can’t wait to see what you’re going to do for the people of Nepal!”

Guy Sebastian
Photo: Facebook page of Guy Sebastian.

Robyn Brown: “Bless you Guy – try not to be disappointed with the negative comments. You’ve responded from the heart in a way that many of us wish we could. My heart is heavy this week for Myuran and Andrew, for Nepal and many other reasons. God be with you.”

Al Lancaster: “where’s your tribute to Australian soldiers? to those killed by storms in QLD, to the thousands dead in Nepal, to the hundreds of thousands of Christians killed by Islamic scum? this tribute is disgusting. These two would have killed more Australian lives than there own pathetic excuses if they had succeded in smuggling those drugs. then they would have continued to do so until caught.”

Ross Stanton: “Sorry you have been swept up in this media hype Guy. How about using your kind heart in a tribute to real innocent victims in this world, errr like refugees or family violence victims or if you have to be “current” how about the people of Nepal?”

Rita Barber: “This is wonderful…these men should never have been murdered by this corrupt and medieval Government. Praying that this Government send Indonesian aid to Nepal instead of being pocketed by the Military and fat cats in that Country.”

Jason Robinson: “How about showing your weighed thoughts on those at Nepal who have lost love ones, millions who have been displaced! Now that’s a true story worth commenting on”

However a majority of the comments are appreciative of Mr Sebastian’s ‘tribute’ to the Bali Nine duo. One supporter has drawn over 3 thousand Facebook likes. Dianna Davies commented, “If being tied to a cross, an X to mark your heart, blindfolded and shot dead by ten men doesn’t bother you then your cant be human.!! Its so disturbing!! thank you Guy Sebastian for emphasing the brutality of this act.!!” (sic)

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