Ex-king Gyanendra Shah’s return home delayed by the death of brother-in-law

7 May 2015 2:45 PM AEST: When he left Nepal last week to be with his ailing wife, Nepal’s former monarch Gyanendra Shah had promised he would soon be back home to be among his fellow citizens dealing with the terrible consequences of the 7.9 magnitude earthquake.

Former queen Komal Shah was being treated at the New Delhi-based Fortis Escorts Heart Institute at the time. She has since been discharged but remains under observation, a local media in Kathmandu reports.

Gyanedra Shah
Gyanendra Shah trying a spinning wheel at Gandhi Ashram in India after he was deposed in 2008.

His journey back home has been impaired by the sudden death of his brother-in-law Suraj Shamser Rana who was being treated at Medanta Hospital for his kidney-related disease.

A report by Annapurna Post published today (7 May) said that the ex-king was about to return to his quake-ravaged country when his wife’s elder brother passed away, delaying his homecoming.

Mr Shah is due to return by the end of this week but his wife shall remain in New Delhi for observations, Post quoted Nirmal Niwas (private residence of the former king) sources as saying.

The last king of Nepal’s Shah Dynasty was in Kathmandu when the 7.9 magnitude temblor hit the Himalayan nation.

“This is not a time to accuse anyone, neither is this time to take advantage of anyone,” he told a local TV reporter as he left for New Delhi last week.

“This is a time to unitedly help each other, with whatever you have, whatever is your affordability,” he had urged his fellow Nepalis at the time.

Gyanendra with members of his family.
Gyanendra Shah with members of his family.

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