After Indian government, Australian Indians lend a helping hand to neighbours

7 May 2015 8:35 PM AEST: Australian Indians have followed suit of the Government of India in lending a helping hand to the humanitarian relief operations in Nepal, where life is faced with a destruction of biblical proportion following a 7.9 magnitude earthquake on April 25.

Indian community associations in Australia have organised a number of fund-raising events in the aftermath of the disaster that has caused nearly 8,000 deaths, so far.

Nepal earthquake
Dr Yadu Singh

Dr Yadu Singh, the president of Indian Australian Association of NSW, told that his organisation aims to raise $20,000. According to a blog run by Dr. Singh, the Association has already put together a fund of $19,513 in pledges and collections.

“Most of the donations are in the account but a few pledges are about to be done soon,” Dr Singh said on May 4. All the collections will be handed over to the Consul General of Nepal in Sydney, he added.

Besides the efforts of his own organisation, the prominent member of the Indian diaspora in Australia has been constantly encouraging people to lend a helping hand to the humanitarian cause. “I have been on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blog), Indian Radio programmes and news-sites with energetic campaigning to encourage people to donate to the charity of their choice,” he said in an email.

Dr Singh’s is not the only fund-raising efforts the Indians have carried out in the country. Innumerable posts on social media convey messages of solidarity to the Nepali people as well as displaying encouraging pictures of the fund-raising events.

Nepal earthquake
Ravi Singh, the CEO of Khalsa Aid, is an instant hit with the local Nepali children, not only because he cooks up the best meal but also for the flowing white beard he so proudly owns! Photo Source: Facebook

When contacted, a member of the Indian community who has been instrumental in organising such a programme, wished to remain anonymous about his efforts to help. It is understood an event organised by the man collected approximately $20,000 during a recent fund-raising dinner. “Pls let us know anything we can do for the best n greatest neighbour n brother of Bharat…,” the organiser of the auction said in a message to

Nepal earthquake
Gurpreet Singh of Khalsa Aid readies his turban in Kathmandu to gear up for a long, hard day dedicated to humanity.

He and his organisation were in constant contact with Nepali organisations in Australia and said they ‘feel and share the same pain’.

Another globally present organisation of Indians, Khalsa Aid, is heavily involved in Nepal’s earthquake relief operations right from the beginning. Its CEO Ravi Singh is on the ground, cooking hot food, literally, for the rattled people of the affected areas.

Hindustan Times reported on May 5 that once Khalsa Aid completes its first phase of relief operation (distribution of food, water, medicine and other daily necessities), the Sikh NGO will launch its second phase during which it will build houses for the victims of the temblor. The specifics of the second phase of the Khalsa Aid project are not known at this stage.

People wishing to help Khalsa Aid in their relief operations should visit below links:

Anyone wishing to contribute to Indian Australian Association’s efforts can follow the below link:

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