Mass exodus from Kathmandu, over 7000 dead, 1000 Europeans still missing

3 May 2015 5:04 AM AEST: Authorities are reporting a mass exodus from Kathmandu as the official death toll from last weekend’s earthquake crosses 7000, National Emergency Operations Centre said on Sunday, May 3.

The catastrophic events also left 14 thousand people injured. The death toll is expected to rise given the fact that numerous far-flung villages are still to be accessed by rescue and recovery teams of the struggling government. While chances of finding survivors are growing slimmer by the hour, a woman was found alive as late as yesterday, May 2.

The focus is now on accessing the remotest parts of the country to distribute relief materials and evacuate people needing immediate medical attention. There is widespread reportage in the local media about almost non-existent presence of the government in remote areas which unfortunately are the hardest hit by the Nepal earthquake.

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Social media is rife with videos of relief materials that are being held at the airport by the customs department which says it cannot clear them without a thorough examination. Nepal has been complaining about receiving unnecessary items such as loads of bibles sent recently by Christian missionaries from abroad.

People who have families and homes in the districts are leaving this murky environment. The Traffic Police  said as of Saturday, 792,623 left the capital city and suggested the mass exodus is associated with the repeated tremors the country has been experiencing since the April 25 earthquake. The fear of an epidemic and dwindling supplies are further prompting people to seek refuse in the districts.

More than 89 thousand left just a day after the earthquake, on 26 April, a local newspaper reported on today, May 3. In the mean time, around 160,000 people have entered the now-razed historic city.

According to the UN, some 75,000 people have been displaced from their homes in the Kathmandu valley alone and are living in camps. Prime minister Sushil Koirala agreed few days ago that people would be better off in their home districts in terms of food and shelter rather than remain in Kathmandu.

In the meantime, media reports quoting European Union indicate more than a thousand Europeans are still missing in Nepal, mostly in various trekking routes.

The Nepalese Army rangers recovered 34 bodies at Langtang, a popular tourist village less than a 100 kilometres from Kathmandu. There deceased were identified as 2 Italians, 1 each of German and Malaysian while two foreigners have not yet been identified, a Nepali-language online media reported on May 2.

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