Four found alive 8 days after Nepal earthquake, 105 year old among survivors

3 May 2015 11:58 PM AEST: Four people were rescued alive today, May 3, 8 days since they were buried under the rubble of their homes which were razed to the ground by the Nepal earthquake.

Reports coming out of Nepal said 2 men and one woman were rescued from Syauli Village Development Committee of Sindhupalchowk, a district roughly 60 kilometres west of Kathmandu. Sixty year old Dhankumari Khatri, 35 year old Gyankumari Khatri and 26 year old Kanchan Khatri  were saved from two adjacent buildings that were destroyed by the 7.9 magnitude earthquake on April 25, local media said.

Members of Armed Police Force at work in Sindhupalchowk District. Photo:
Members of the Armed Police Force at work in Sindhupalchowk District. Photo:

Security personnel said all three appeared to have saved themselves by hiding under their beds. A local news website reported the victims were not able to communicate when rescued and were rushed to an army hospital at Chautara.

The fourth person to be saved on the 9th day since the earthquake was 105 year old woman named Fanchu Ghale. She was rescued by a joint team of Nepali and Japanese rescuers from Kimtang Village Development Committee in Nuwakot District.

These latest stories of survival have once again brought Nepal’s Armed Police Force (APF) into the limelight with similar heart-warming stories that unfolded in Kathmandu. APF has over 500 officers who are specially trained in disaster rescue operations and it was such a team that found the 3 victims in Sindhupalchowk District. They were brought in from Kapilvastu District in western Nepal specially for those destroyed homes after local police suspected survivors might still be trapped under the rubble. The team was dispatched to the village on special order of the Inspector General of the APF.

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