Thanks to French rescuers, Rishi gets new life after 84 hours under the rubble

29 April 7:12 PM AEST A team of Nepali and French rescuers saved an earthquake victim almost 84 hours after he got stuck in the rubble of a 7 storey hotel building.

Nepal Earthquake

The 28 year old man was pulled out yesterday, April 28, following a rescue operation that lasted 10 long hours. He got buried when the earthquake hit Kathmandu on April 25.

The first and second floors of the building were destroyed but the levels above were intact. The victim, Rishi Khanal, was caught up in the ones that were badly affected by the Nepal earthquake, said.

When he was rescued by the French search party and members of Nepal’s Armed Police Force, the only thing he could utter was ‘back-pain, back-pain’.

On Monday (April 27), a Chinese search team with sniffer dogs was at the site, Fulbari Guest House at Gongabu Bus Park. They inspected the place along with another hotel which was destroyed in similar fashion but they returned after it was decided that there were people inside the destroyed hotels but not alive.

Nepal Earthquake

But the Armed Police Force and the French rescuers returned to the site on Tuesday. Fortunate enough for Mr Khanal, the French had equipment to detect life caught inside earthquake debris.

When the detector showed signs of life, they started hollering and asked anyone trapped inside to respond back but there were no signs of life.

Then a police inspector went inside and asked to yell out if anyone could hear him. Still, there was no response.

He asked to tap if anyone could hear him. Now they heard some noise.

At the instruction of the French team, the police personnel began to drill through the concrete. It was then that the rescuers discovered there were actually two people down there.

Nepal Earthquake

Mr Khanal was able to talk at the time and kept requesting the rescuers to save his life. By that time, the air was already filled with a foul smell coming from the bodies under the ruins of an adjacent guest house.

Inspector General of the Armed Police Force Kosh Raj Onta himself was overseeing the rescue operation. He told media persons that saving victims who were still alive was the first and foremost priority of his department.

The police could cut through the concrete after quite a while and they were hoping that they could finally rescue the man. But they could not yet. The victim’s leg was pinned under some structure.

A medical team with a qualified doctor was rushed in, which began delivering oxygen to Mr Khanal. By that time, the medical team had made a sad discovery. The person lying next to him had already passed away due to his head injury.

The rescue team could finally free Mr Khanal at 10:30 pm local time after they successfully lifted the concrete foundation that was pinning him down.

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