Take Indonesia to the International Criminal Court: former diplomat

by ram khatry

A former Australian diplomat has asked for Indonesia to be taken to the International Criminal Court in the Hague for inflicting prolonged torture on Myuran Sukumaran, Andrew Chan and their families.

Sukumaran (top) and Chan (below) as they began their lives some three decades ago!

The Indonesian government’s firing squad killed 34 year old Mr Sukumaran and 31 year old Mr Chan at approximately 3.25 am AEST today, April 29, on the Indonesian prison island of Nusakambangan.

Media reports suggest the Australian duo looked straight at the men who shot them, just as they had promised to do.

Speaking to ABC Television this morning, retired career diplomat Bruce Haigh said Indonesia broke its own laws and in the process killed two Australians.

The way the Indonesian government carried out the execution was ‘cruel’ and ‘unjustified’ for which they should be ‘forced to realise what they have done’, the ex-diplomat said in his conversation with ABC Television’s Joe O’Brien.

The ICC, an international treaty-based court which is governed by the Rome Statute, seeks to end ‘impunity for the perpetrators of the most serious crimes of concern to the international community’.

Bruce Haigh

Reacting to the news that has shocked the entire nation, Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Minister for Foreign Affairs Julie Bishop announced that the Australian government has decided to withdraw the Australian ambassador to Indonesia once courtesies are extended to the Chan and Sukumaran families.

The government has also declared that all ministerial visits to Indonesia ‘will remain suspended’ for an unknown period of time.


Mr Haigh suggested the government should, apart from withdrawing the ambassador and suspending all ministerial contacts, ask the Indonesian ambassador in Canberra to leave.

Stating that lengthy prison terms would have been enough punishment for the crime committed by Mr Chan and Mr Sukumaran, a joint press statement of the Prime Minister and the Minister for Foreign Affairs said, “Australia respects Indonesia’s sovereignty, but deeply regrets that Indonesia could not extend the mercy it so often seeks for its own citizens.”

Bali Nine
“Who could harm this person? This beautiful soul and human being?”, reads the caption for this picture of Mr Sukumaran on the Facebook page Boycott Bali for The Boys.

ABC Television reported the bodies of the two completely reformed yet executed Australians are expected to be repatriated back home in the next 24 hours or so.

There has been an immense outpouring of grief on social media, both in and outside of Australia.

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