Rescuers in Kathmandu trying to save buried woman who’s talking to them on phone

by ram khatry

28 April 2015 3:42 PM AEST: Rescuers in Kathmandu are running against time to save a woman who remains buried under the ruins of a Kathmandu hotel, people on the ground told 

According to the chief whip of Nepal Communist Party-UML, Agni Kharel, a woman from the eastern Nepal district of Jhapa is alive under the ruins of Janakpure Hotel in Gongabu, Kathmandu. Surprisingly, her phone is working fine and she is in good condition.

The woman has been identified as Durga Khatiwada.

Agni Kharel, chief whip of CPN – UML.

“Her phone is working and she is talking to the rescuers,” Krandan Chapagain of Nepal1 Television, who was with Mr. Kharel at the time of telephone conversation with, quoted him as saying.

He said rescuers are rushing to the area. Chairperson of the Constituent Assembly Subash Nembang himself is on the way to take stock of the rescue operation, it has been learnt.

Mr. Chapagain said life is slowly getting back to normal in Kathmandu with considerably more vehicles on the road this morning.

“Even buses and other public vehicles are on the road today. People are getting back on the road and going about their business, they must,” the news chief of Nepal 1 Television said.

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