Cricket Association of Nepal sends up a cheeky lady to pay tribute to ‘Hughesy’

If Phillip Hughes was treasured by his cricketing mates for his cheeky nature then the person Nepal has chosen to pay tribute to the much-loved former Australian cricketer is even cheekier.

Climbers spend years planning to ascend Mt Everest once in a lifetime but Chhurim Dolma Sherpa, the lady set to carry his bat and playing shirts to the top of the world, is so cheeky that in 2012 she snuck up to the top of the world two times in the same week.

Philip Hughes
Chhurim Dolma Sherpa: Humbled by the opportunity to be a part of the tribute.

She first reached the summit on 12 May 2012, descended down to the base camp, rested for two days and then she was back up there by May 19. A year later, she was awarded a place in the Guinness Book of World Records as the first person to climb Mt Everest twice in a week.

The timeframe around Ms Sherpa’s third pilgrimage to the world’s tallest mountain peak are still hazy but she is due to leave Kathmandu with Hughes’ personal effects any day from April 15 to 17. “I shall fly to Lukla by April 17 and from there I will go to the base camp on foot with another colleague,’ she told on April 13.  She said she is due to catch up with a bigger group at the base camp.

Pasang Lhamu Sherpa, the first Nepali woman to climb Everest who lost her life during her descent, has been her motivation since she was a fifth grader. Her romancing with mountaineering took deeper roots as she saw tourists hiking up and down through her village in the district of Taplejung in north-eastern Nepal.

The Guinness World Record holder considers herself lucky to be able to pay tribute to Phillip Hughes and hopes to bring Nepal and Australia closer through her expedition. ‘I hope more people in Australia will learn about Nepal through this tribute,’ she said.

Phillip Hughes Photo: Facebook Page
Phillip Hughes Photo: Facebook Page

The memorial expedition is not the only programme Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN) organised to honour the memories of Phillip Hughes.

On April 11, CAN organised a 63 over match in Kathmandu during which one of the teams was captained by NSW batsman Ryan Carter. It was attended by important cricket officials such as Cricket Australia chairman Wally Edwards and ICC global development officer Tim Anderson.

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