Cricket culture costs crocodile a meal as mummy bats the hunger out of it

A small village in the Indian state of Gujrat was in the headlines last week as Times of India broke the heart-warming story of a mum who saved her young daughter from a crocodile that tried to drag her into the water.

Nineteen year old Kanta Vankar was washing clothes on the banks of Vishwamitri river in Thikariyamubarak village when a fully grown crocodile appeared from nowhere and got hold of her foot between its powerful jaws. When Divali Vankar heard her daughter’s panicked shrieks, she sprang to spontaneous action. But what would a frail human being, that too a 54 year old mum, do to fend off the attack of an adult croc?

Divali had no time to think. She grabbed a bat. No, not the bat that Sachin Tendulkar wields! It’s a washing bat. Yes, a washing bat. Indian women still use them to bat the shit out of dirty laundry (check out the specimen on Divali’s picture.) The mum in distress started pounding the poor animal with the laundry bat and the batting went on for ten long minutes. The hunter had no choice but to let the poor girl’s foot go. His fielding was over!

Divali Vankar: armed with a wooden bat! (Photo:
Divali Vankar: armed with a wooden bat! (Photo:

The daughter’s life was saved with only few treatable croc bites.

So Divali became international headlines overnight but funny that editors missed the morale of the story – that only an Indian mum who hears and lives the sport of cricket day in and day out could bat a predator out. The batting strategy would not work anywhere else!

According to reports, Vishwamitri is home to around 260 crocs many of whom share its water with the local villagers who live along the banks. This wrecks havoc during April and May each year which apparently are the months when gators nest. Reports said crocodiles in the river killed three people last year during April and May.

Kanta Vankar: Thank you mummy! (
Kanta Vankar: Thank you mummy! (Photo:

The incident has prompted an awareness campaign in Vadodara, a city Vishwamitri river runs through. Local newspapers said the forest department there has now installed signboards that read ”Beware of crocodiles while venturing near Vishwamitri River. Don’t venture near the river bank’.

Humans and crocodiles co-exist in some parts of India with Times of India reporting last year that a family was astounded to find a 5 feet croc in their beloved bathroom!

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