Murder of Prabha Arun Kumar: ‘substantial inroads’ in investigation made

Detectives investigating the murder of Indian national Prabha Arun Kumar have made considerable ‘inroads into confirming the movements of the victim on the night of her murder’, NSW Police’s Media Unit told on March 28.

However, the authorities have not yet been able to establish a clear motive behind the senseless crime that led to a massive outpouring of grief from all sections of the society.

Prabha Arun Kumar
Prabha’s last rites were carried out in her hometown in South India.

“Victimology is one of the obvious lines of enquiry. We are looking into Prabha’s background in great detail. Whilst this is on-going, at this time there is nothing to indicate Prabha was experiencing any sort of trouble prior to her death that may have led to her attack,” the Media Unit said.

The IT professional from India succumbed to serious stabbing wounds just 300 metres short of her doorstep in the Western Sydney suburb of Westmead.

Although few Indian media outlets have given mildly racial angle to the sad incident, their Australian counterparts have mostly carried reports that indicate the local Indian diaspora refuse to look at the incident as racially motivated. The Hindu, a major daily in India, ran an editorial on March 20 titled ‘Perils Abroad’ which blamed Australia of ‘lackadaisical response’ and ‘insensitivity’.

On March 26, Australia’s High Commissioner to India, Bernard Philip, responded to this allegation in a letter, “… this shocking crime should not be used to recycle outdated and unsubstantiated claims about racism and the prevalence of racial attacks in Australia.”

NSW Police also ruled out the racial theory right from day one. “There is no information, intelligence or evidence to support this was a racially motivated incident. Police are working closely with the Indian community as the investigation continues,” the Media Unit commentated in response to’s inquiry into the matter.

The post mortem has confirmed that Prabha died as a result of fatal injuries to her neck caused by a sharp bladed instrument, police added.

In response to the tragic death of the 41 year old and the consequent outcry of the local Indian community, the Parramatta City Council recently announced a three million dollar CitySafe programme in order to boost the security measures in the area.

According to ABC Network, a total of 80 high-tech cameras would be installed across Parramatta that may also include the spot where ‘a big man’ attacked and killed Prabha on March 7. Tragically, the much-loved mother of a nine year old daughter was on the phone with her husband in Bangalore as the assassin brought her down with a ‘sharp bladed instrument’. Her husband could hear her panicked screams and the victim reportedly told him she had just been stabbed.

The police have also ruled out sex or robbery as motives, “We can confirm there is no evidence to suggest a sexual assault took place and at this point in time, we do not believe robbery was a motive.”

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  1. Her husband said she said “I have been stabbed” and then the phone went dead. Someone came upon her in the park shortly after at 9.30pm but she was not pronounced dead until 12.30am. Amazing she didn’t try to convey to her husband anything about her attacker. Did the line drop out or was it still connected and he couldn’t hear anything more? Colour me jaded but I think the husband paid someone to do this. Did he make any attempt to call Australian police after hearing his wife had been stabbed? We are all connected via the internet and it is so easy to find and contact anyone including emergency services in another country. She was the bread winner for 3 years. She wanted to go back to India and just a month prior to leaving Australia this happens to her.

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