Attempted abduction of Sydney woman: police appeal for dashcam footage

Do you have a dashcam on your car? Did you happen to be on Falcon Street, near the intersection of Sophia Street, in Sydney’s Crows Nest on March 25 at around 10.25 pm? If you were then NSW Police needs your help in investigating the attempted abduction of a 27 year old woman.

A police said the suspect is ‘described as being of Mediterranean/Middle Eastern or Indian/Sub-continental appearance, aged in his early to mid-30s, about 175cm tall with a stocky build, and short dark hair.’

The woman was walking along Falcon Street last Wednesday when a man in ‘a black T-shirt and black pants’ grabbed her from behind. “She told police the man covered her mouth and tried to force her into the boot of a silver or grey sedan,” police said on March 27.

attempted abduction
NSW Police is appealing drivers with potential dashcam footage to come forward and help in their investigation.

The police are appealing ‘for motorists with potential dashcam footage to come forward’.

The perpetrator apparently covered the victim’s mouth and ‘tried to force her into the boot of a silver or grey sedan’.

The man let her go when she screamed loudly and punched him in the groin. She fell to the ground and potential abduction was thwarted when the man drove off.

The woman was taken to Royal North Shore Hospital where she was treated for minor injuries, including grazes, bruising and swelling, before being released.

“Police from Harbourside Local Area Command are now appealing to motorists, who may have dashcam footage that were in the area between 10 and 11pm to come forward.”

“These days many drivers, including motorcycle riders, have dashcams on their vehicles,” Harbourside Crime Manager, Detective Inspector Michael Birley said.

“An unsuspecting motorist who was in the vicinity of the Pacific Highway or Sophia Street on Wednesday night may have captured footage of interest to our investigation.

“The woman is still emotionally traumatised from the incident.

“We encourage anyone who was driving around that area who has a dashcam on their vehicle to contact Harbourside Detectives on 02 9956 3199,” Detective Inspector Michael Birley said.

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