Daniel David Katwal is back to England to train with English football academies, thanks to his British godfather

Daniel David Katwal
Daniel David Katwal with his godfather David Vinall I Photo: Supplied

10 July 2017: Teenage Nepalese football player Daniel David Katwal is off to London tomorrow to participate in two separate summer football camps with renown football clubs of England.

Daniel’s father, Nepal’s very own celebrity hairstylist Neel David Katwal, is known as a doting father who is always ready to provide every facility his son seeks as he strives to become a professional football player in the future. However, the two summer camps with Arsenal Football Academy and Brighton FC Soccer School have been made possible through the generous gift of his British godfather, Mr Katwal told southasia.com.au on Sunday.

Mr Katwal said Daniel’s godfather David Vinall, a British citizen, is shouting the $5,000 in fees that the two recreational camps would cost.

Daniel will be training with Arsenal for one week from July 16 to 22. He would then begin a two-week camping with Brighton FC from July 31 until August 13.

Mr Katwal surprised his friends in 2015 when he sent his son to a similar camp with Manchester United Soccer School. Although football is a popular sport in Nepal, not many dad have the means or the will to send their football-crazed children to a foreign country so that they can train away. But Mr Katwal has proved to be little different as he puts his heart, soul and wallet into helping his son realise his dream.

He is also flying with his son Monday morning.

The 15-year-old is originally from Nepal’s Jhapa district but has been playing for Punjab United Football in India as a mid striker in under-15 team.

He will remain in Punjab until April 2018 when he is expected to clear his class ten at a local High School.

Mr Katwal says from July 2018 his son would move to England more permanently to train full time with Elite Football Academy. He will not be doing any academic course after he joins Elite, “I think he will be practicing football full-time thereon.”

Daniel is due back at his United Punjab Football Club on September 5 in order to prepare for Punjab League. 

According to his father, he has been playing football since he was eight-year-old school-student in Kalimpong, Darjeeling.

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