Indonesia arrests three for attempting to smuggle nine Nepalis to Australia

31 March 2017: Authorities in Indonesia have arrested three men for plotting to smuggle nine Nepalis to Darwin by boat, media reports said today.

Brigadier General Herry Rudolf Nahak from Indonesian National Police told journalists yesterday that officers and immigration officials located the nine Nepalis when they raided a house in Sulawesi island back in January.


A Nepali smuggler named Muhammad Alif had flown the men to Jakarta on visiting visas, an AAP report said on Thursday.

The group had reportedly paid up to $15,000 to “Alif” who initially tried to bring the group to Australia legally by obtaining visitor’s visas, the report further said. When he failed to obtain Australian visitor’s visa, he asked a fellow smuggler to organise a boat instead. But their plan fell apart after the nine Nepalis were arrested.

The Australian Federal Police were aware of the case, the report said.

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