Nepalese coffee chain set to open its first US outlet in Omaha

Himalayan Java

USA may be home to 12937 coffeehouses of the Starbucks Corporation but the giant’s presence was not enough to deter a group of diehard coffee connoisseurs from opening what would be the first ever US-based outlet of a Nepalese coffee chain.

Himalayan Java, the microcosm of Nepalese socialites, is opening its first US store in May 2016, confirmed Anand Gurung who co-founded the successful franchise back in 1999. The organisation which has 17 stores in Nepal and 4 international, promotes high-altitude coffee beans from the Himalayas. Each of their national and international store sell 100% Nepalese coffee only, Mr Gurung assured during a telephone conversation with

He said although he and his colleagues may travel to the USA to inaugurate the Omaha outlet, everything there will be locally managed just the way any franchisee functions.

Omaha’s Himalayan Java will be operated off a 1,600-square-foot storefront which is currently being refurbished and re-purposed for the coffeehouse. Once complete, it will be run by Aapt Business House Inc, an investor group of Americans of Nepalese origin.

Sagar Gurung, one of the investors of Aapt,  told local media that he expected good business given the prime location of the site. He said persuaded Himalayan Java founders to ‘to take a shot on Omaha’.

Calling the project his ‘American dream’, he said he and his friends hoped to extend the chain to other locations in the USA. “I love the product, and I think Omaha will love it, too,” he was quoted by a local news site.

The Himalayan Java at Thamel is a must-go for both local elites and tourists who resort to the quaint environment of the business to relax their over-worked muscles once they return from the pristine yet taxing flanks of the Nepalese mountains.

“After a long trek to Everest Base Camp, we were looking to unwind back in Kathmandu. We sampled all the cafes we could find over the course of four days, and this is the one we kept coming back to. Clean, somewhat hipster, with pretty decent coffee. Extremely affordable,” says Roderick R Burlington from Vermont on Tripadvisor website.


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