Nepalese Embassy in Canberra lacks telephone manners!

Do you have a reason to call the Embassy of Nepal in Canberra? If so then you may want to reconsider your options and drive there instead. Because it is most likely that the embassy staffs will not answer your call – no matter how many times you ring and how urgent your job is.

Only the luckiest get to hear their voice. Once in a blue moon.

The Internet is abuzz with complaints about the diplomatic mission not taking their telephone seriously. Nepalese and Australians alike who called the embassy regarding a lost passport, renewal of passport or for as serious a reason as missing relatives have spilled their frustration onto the Internet. is an internationally popular website with contact details and addresses of any embassy anywhere in the world. One can also leave comments there about the good services you receive at any embassy. Or, in case of the Nepalese embassy in Canberra, about not-so-good services.

There are 36 comments in the website under ‘Embassy of Nepal in Canberra’ section. Out of these 24 are complaints about no telephone response. Almost all of them are expressions of extreme frustration by ordinary Nepalese living across Australia, mostly students.

On 5 February this year Debaki Thani commented, “I need to apply for MRP as soon as possible. I have been trying to call so many times for last three days but nobody responded. What’s wrong there? Not happy with the service.” (sic) MRP stands for machine-readable passports that the Himalayan nation began to use in 2010.

Chandra, who gave only his first name, complains he could not reach the embassy even after trying for three long hours. Bikas, another complainant, warns the embassy officials not to do ‘what you have been doing back home.’ He may be referring to the widespread culture of slow progress of jobs at government offices back in Nepal. He says he has many problems needing urgent attention. ‘Better to chuck your phone in the bin (sic),’ he adds.

However, two commenters have defended the embassy staffs. They claim that the services at the embassy are always ‘good’ and that ‘people are working really hard.’

On 7 October last year Jivan asked if it was a public holiday at the embassy that day as there was no answer but apparently the telephone would be busy the next moment.

Another said the embassy did not even have a voice message option on its telephone.

Calls to the Nepalese embassy are mostly passport-related.
Calls to the Nepalese embassy are mostly passport-related.

Particularly serious is the case of an Australian lady who seems to have two missing daughters in Nepal. Roslyn Seare made a distress call to the embassy on 7 October last year to track down her daughters who she thought might have been caught in ‘another bus crash’ in Nepal. “How sad that the embassy is not responding to the phone when we have Australians in Nepal,” she laments in the comment.

Niru said she called the embassy at different times on different days but still failed to get an answer.

A shopper at a Nepalese grocery in Sydney South whom spoke to also claimed that his calls regarding passport renewal went unanswered in 2012. Kedar, who refused to give his second name, said he has heard similar stories from his friends.

The attempted to contact the Nepalese embassy yesterday a few times during office hours and twice today but as the above stories substantiate – no answer yet again.

Email to the mission went unanswered as well.

42 thoughts on “Nepalese Embassy in Canberra lacks telephone manners!

  1. The very next time I read a blog, Hopefully it won’t fail me just as
    much as this particular one. After all, I know it was my choice to read,
    but I truly believed you would have something helpful to
    say. All I hear is a bunch of complaining about something you can fix if
    you were not too busy seeking attention.

    1. Thank you for your comment Kay Womble. First, what ‘helpful’ did you expect from the seemingly negative headline? Your commonsense is compromised here. Second, how can ‘fix’ the problem of embassy staffs not receiving telephone calls? Or, did you expect us to drive to Canberra and start taking calls for them?

    2. what do you mean can’t fix it!? i think this article will make the change. I am sure the Embassy will take notice.

      Now time to make a complain letter about goPro on Amazon.

  2. I had spoken with the Embassador regarding phone and staff attitude problem as well. He hardly believe however someone lodged the complain seems good. In fact Nepalese do not know how to treat Nepalese. It is no point to have an Embassy in Australia because the do not serve us. One guy who works in the embassy he told me on phone that he studied in Australia and he got the PR so he knows how to work. He was introducing himself only. I conveyed this message to our Embassador he was surprised. He treats other that no one knows better them him. I am absolutely agreed such types of activities going since very long. They took more than 4 month to return my passport. If anyone need the name of that unpleasant creatures I can provide the name.

  3. Sick people busy on meeting thier relatives and having free Dinners.Hate Nepalese Beurocracy the way they are brought up….does not matter how educated they are.The most uncivilized ones do not need any manners .

    1. Lol I know someone that works in the embassy. He used to get 100 missed calls a day, if he started to pick up all of the phone call he got, then no worked would have been done

      1. Lol, Rakesk, receiving call is also a part of their work. Else, why do you think they have telephone there? This is a basic office skill one should have- to receive a call and to answer the call. I am sure their job description has this one too.

  4. I emailed the nepalese embassy in Canberra related my issue. They have not replied me back yet & neither they have suggested any steps to resolve my issue. Poor communication.

  5. I was at the Nepali embassy in canberra on 27/01/2015 with a friend to apply of his passport due to MRP. We were at the reception counter where a young gentleman was attending phone enqueries. We waited for more than 20 minutes before he acknowledged our presence. He was constantly taking on calls and looking through a ledger for information to give to the caller instead of the computer. My finally interrupted him to inform him that he wanted to lodge the application for passport renewal. When my friend handed over the completed forms and two photographs as stated on the embassy’s website. He abruptly handed the documents back to friend and told him that he needed 4 photographs and the photographs he provided was not acceptable. So we went yo the nearest post office to get new photographs taken. When we to the austpost staff they advised us the dimensions for passport photographs for many countries were the same as the standard required for Australian passport. Just be safe we politely asked her if she could look for Nepal and it did not even exist on the list of countries. I was amazed with the outdated information provided on their website and when my friends application was finally accepted and paid, I was glad to get out of there.

    I can imagine if this happened to a Nepali citizen imagine how other nationality felt.

    Further when I enquired the cost and duration to apply for a visit visa to Nepal if I had applied from here before I departed, I was told it was $95.00 AUD for 30 days and it took 2 weeks to apply as I’m an Australian passport holder. However, I my recent trip to Nepal last year in April, I waited 10 minutes in the queue at Tribhuwan international airport and paid AUD 45.00 for a 30 days visa.

    I’m just shocked with whole process..God Bless Nepal and the Nepali people

  6. I called more than 10 times to query about MRP from New Zealand. No answer at all. Sent emails. Lost in eather. Have sent my passport for renewal. God knows if I’ll ever get it back. No acknowledgement nothing. Is it an embassy or a black hole where all attempts to contact terminates in oblivion? Now I can’t physically visit Canberra as I’m in NZ. What an utter negligence. So not cool. If this is what happens in Oz no wonder passports are stored on floor in Malaysia embassy. How pathetic

  7. I have got worst experience from nepalese embassy and just to make my passport I travelled more than 3 times from sydney to Canberra and especially the staff is worst and I have a big argue with a guy as well….and talking about telephone….ta they do have telephone but it’s useless worthless I think it’s there just for show not for work coz they never receive……

  8. Who is responsible ???Either embassy official who has responsibility and authority or our government who cannot afford staff to pick up phone…I feel like I have no country (refugee) when I didnot receive any response in phone, email from embAssy… And I conclude with poor embassy of poor country where people are rich…where government sucks people…

  9. i have no problem with embassy. I called them. They answered my call in 2/3 attempt. They send me email with instructions. I followed each step. I got both MRP Passport. I spoke to them for only single time. I think you need to gather all your documents and ask each n every step in one go like baby. Do not waste their time by calling again. Respect them as they are working for you. Use the polite language. I think you ask your frn for general queries who have faced the same problem.
    Ask them in email. Plan ahead, not in the last minute. I had six months before I travel. I managed everything. I think at present situation, u need plan even before that. I hope most of things goes well. Does not matter u in australia, u Australian, ur attitudes toward other shows how good you r.

    1. Just because your problem got solved in due time doesn’t means our embassy is properly functional. And what do you mean by not to waste their time by calling them? People are trying to call embassies not your girl friend. So you don’t need to advocate on their behalf here. You think you are the only one with good organisational skill here? and you truly believe it’s your preparation that made you an exception. IDIOT. PAKHE.

      1. try ringing british high commision in Australia, to enquire about passport or visa. you have hqve got two options either listen to recorded message with $7 credit card payment or pay $14 expecting to speak with the real person. as i had issue with the webform i took the 2nd option and guess what despite providing my credit card details i got the blank line. i tried emailing them no answer from that either. finally got hold of their facebook page and wrote on their wall and sent them a private message and finnaly the issue was resolved, without an apology mind you. compared to that necan website is way ahead. all the information are in website so you don’t even have to ring. all the templates are provided in nepali as well as english. just cos u can’t simple reading instructions doesn’t mean that u blame embassy. give credit where credit is due. for coutry as poor as nepal is this is still very good service. as per telephone manner of individuals answering the phone i had 1 such experience and the gentleman answering phone seemed courteous

    2. I dialled these numbers provided in – (02) 6162 1554, 62868006. Nirajan Bhatta, it will be great service if you could please kindly share with us that magic number where you were able to have such a smooth conversation. You are the lone lucky figure here who have had this royal experience. It sounds almost mythical. Thanks.

    3. I applied passport 6 months ago but still waiting and i have emailed as well and still waiting for reply for that email,what happen if i have to go to nepal in any emergency if they do not response or receive phone ?

  10. Its true there is Nepal embassy in Canberra but it looks like haunted house only because every time we call nobody answer no voice mail it’s been 3 month I am trying to get in touch with them. I gave birth to baby and I need passport for little one but don’t know what are procedures. As Australian immigration said bring passport ASAP for baby . Due to ceaserean I can’t travel much but if someone can answer from Nepalese immigration that would be helpful. I am not getting any help these people don’t have any idea how we suffer in overseas too.

    1. Follow this link
      Follow the instructions
      I got my baby temporary passport in 1month or Sth like that. (I did apply last February n got in March)
      I promise it won’t happen as quick as you except but will definitely happen.

  11. It is not just in Australia. The story no different in the UK. No body answers the phone and when they do rare occasion they are always rushing to put the phone down. Don’t feel they are here to help. They act as if they were forced to come to UK and work here against their wish.

  12. All the staff in Nepalese embassy should be shacked.they deserve no mercy at all.all the loss people are bearing through mishandling or improper or no communication should be compensated from their salary.these craps are
    Making bad image of Nepalese.
    Send these crooks back to Nepal.they don’t deserve here.

  13. Same frustrating experience in Hongkong too. I almost ended 15 months for my wife MRP passport. They never pick calls, so every 2 months I have to run there and listen to them, “What can we do, its delyed from Nepal”. I was so off last time resulted in heated conversation. What I found that they never sended remind notice to Nepal, luckly new lady officer took it seriously and I was handed passport within month.

  14. I am really dissapointed about my nepali embassy canberra. I posted my documents for MRP almost 6 month ago. And when i didnot receive any pasport. I call them many time for many days but didnot get any better response. Then i drive to canberra and what i hear from them is they dont know exactly where is my documents. Then one guy finally searched my documents and told me my documents was send to Nepal for MRP just few days ago and has to wait more few months.
    plz any one looking for MRP. Apply in person if u want ur passport quick.

  15. The Nepalese Embassy in Canberra has not done their job properly. The way, they treat even to the nepalese people are very rude and hardly pick up the phone once in a blue moon.
    I would like to recommend Nepalese government to call all the employee of the Embassy back to home country.
    We do not want them to be here as they are worthwhile.

  16. It took 4 months to receive my MRP. After 4 months I made a call and a gentleman answered the phone and advised me that my passport should have arrived my then and requested me to call back later that week so that they can sort out the arrived ones and advise me. I called them after 3 days, this time another gentleman answered the phone , he said he will call me back with proper information. Later that day I received a missed call from them. I again called them back and another staff asvised me that the first staff has gone for lunch ( in fact it was during lunch time i called ) and assured me that he will get him call me again. As promised, i got call from him and advised me that he has already posted my passport earlier that day and gave me tracking number. In summary, I did not have any bad experience from NE canberra. Everytime i called someone answered the phone and spoke to me in a good way. Good customer service , prompt action. Reasons for delayed passport could be delayed processing time in nepal, postal service from and to nepal , not completting the form exactly as advised by NE website and lack of staff in the embassy. What i would i advise people is to apply passport long before you need ( at least 6 months) , follow the instruction word by word .it was just my experience and thanks to embessy staff for good service.

  17. I did not have pleasent experience when I contacted Nepalese embassy in Canberra. I could get through only after several attempts and they also lied about avsilibility of visa officer. I was told that he had day off by one staff while another said he went out for coffee something. Once I got through to him after at least five attempts, he said he would personally drive to post my documents on weekend – the proposed favour too good to be true. Documents came back a week later.

  18. All staff should be replaced with someone with common sense and respect for their customers!!!

    I had a bad experience when I received 90 dad visa to Nepal at the embassy and paid money in full-

    When I went to Nepal they said that visa type is no longer valid and they change some policy around- I was asked to get another visa at the airport I KTM and had to pay again in full.

    I tried ringing them but no one would pick up the phone for fees weeks and finally someone answer I a rude voice and ask me to send email with the detail.
    I made a complaint In writing to embassy not once but three times to refund my money and I am still waiting for their response it been over few years now—-

    I did send mail to right email address as I got auto reply back–

  19. Hi all,

    I absolutely agree and it is a disgrace. They are there help people and getting paid by the rate payers. I tried so many times to contact them re my MRP. Once you mailed your passport and money to the Embassy, they must acknowledge receipt of the docs. It is a basis customers service practice around world except for the Nepalese embassy of Canberra.

  20. It did take 3-4 times before my call was answered. But the gentlemen on phone was very polite and provide me with detailed information.

  21. This is a serious issue we all are facing so somebody should look into this kind of negligence. We have called the embassy of Nepal Canberra Australia more than 30 times but no response at all. we don’t know whether the embassy is closed or staff does not care to answer the phone.

  22. Yes i fully agreed i called many times but no budy receive . This is the worst service i have seen. They r working in that its for u because we r here. But they r thing the r big people. They r not replying shame for them. Why there is no action.

  23. I cant beat around the bush! I called twice at different times and was responded in a polite and professional manner. I am happy. Sometime we think only about our own concern to be resolved first but fail to realize the technical circumstances.However, this does not mean there are not loopholes. Embassy has a lot to improve.

  24. For those ppl who r wondering about their MRP application status —–

    To check whether ur MRP has been reveived/dispatched by Dept. of Passport, Nepal, pls follow the following link (type Australia in the search button n u will c a list of received/dispatched dates where u can search ur name).….

    Similarly, to check whether ur MRP has been reveived by Nepalese embassy at Canberra, pls follow the following link (they have also informed how u can collect ur MRP through this link).

    This has helped me a lot – hope this helps to u as well – cheers 🙂

  25. Had apply the Mrp passport on June 2015 but till now haven’t received, had try lot to contract the embassy Canberra but hvnt responded any

  26. Stupid nepal embassy canberra .i have called so many times and e mailed regarding my baby passport which hasnt send since 6 month and its urgent. No response, attitude staff alwyz. Plz ambassador teach them how to be well behaved to customers as we nepalese do.

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